Horse Hats

I like that when I start to write another blog post, I spend the most time trying to think up a title. I think to myself, “Oh, it should be something catchy, so you’ll make people want to read it.” What a load of cockamamie. The only people who read this are my great-aunt and my mom. (Hi Mom!) Especially since I haven’t posted in eons! Not to worry, I have plans. I will not share those plans, just in case I forget how to blog again. But onward! I have so much to share!

First! Expect an entire post on my trip to France. It was ridiculous, and by that I mean, ridiculously awesome. Everything has so much history attached to it and I just spent a lot of time walking around with my mouth wide open. A great look for me.

Eiffel Tower

Oh yeah, I've been there.

Alright, that’s post one. Post two will involve Thanksgiving, since that totally happened while I was not posting and indeed, it did involve a cooking fiasco and general hilarity on my part. Was it one of my prouder moments? Did it involve me asking my husband, “Why is everything I do crap?” No to the first, yes to the second.

Bake, you son of a bitch.

Third post will have to be from back in the summer when my mom came in and we went to a Doobie Brothers concert. I have video and pictures that have never seen the light of a blog space and this must happen. Because it was epic and the Doobie Brothers are great live and you all must experience it.

That's them, the lights do weird things.

Fourth Post: I can do crafty things, and also tell you how to do them.

Want to deface a book? I have your craft.

I don’t know if this will constitute a full post, but it is good to note that I quit my job about three weeks ago in order to write my thesis and find an internship. Well, I haven’t started the thesis yet, although there is a plan (I am full of plans) but I have been offered an internship. HUZZAH!! I had two cats for a span of about a month. I took one back about a week in (she was touched in the head) and kept the other a full month, quickly realizing I am a dog person and giving the other cat to HH’s (Hot Husband) sister. It is still an issue.  I surprised my mom for her birthday, got all the Christmas shopping done way earlier than normal, and already wrapped all the presents. For everyone. Also, today I joined a gym with HH.

So. Those are things you should expect from me, as well as the usual pictures, recipes, and stories. Now. It’s 11:47 PM my time and I can’t see my desk, so I’m going to put everything on the floor clean this up and get prepared to finish my final for tomorrow. I have 9 hours of grad school left. I shudder at the thought.

Expect more from me soon duckies! Soon! Please follow my blog, I’m awesome. I’ll prove it to you.

I found this on my phone. Horse hats are for winners. That is a face of a winner.



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