Book O’ Wreaths

On my door.

Since Christmas looms so close, I thought  I would go ahead and  share how to make the book wreaths that I showed you in the last post. I even experimented with making a video on my iPhone. I felt very tech-savvy at that moment. I may never happen again. So far this Christmas, I have made five of these things. The first picture here is the first one I made and hung on my door. I like to test things and see how good I actually am at “crafting” before I just give them to someone, you know, in case they suck. I’m thinking of making a half-wreath one, and giving it to my dad. Because, you know, Dads love wreaths.

So the first thing you need are the supplies. Here is a handy list:

  • Lots of Staples and Stapler
  • Old books you don’t care to deface
  • Hot Glue Gun and lots of glue
  • Ornaments (whatever you want, get various shapes, if you can)
  • Hard backing, like some cardboard

1. First you’ll need to draw a large circle on the cardboard, then draw another slightly smaller circle inside that. Cut out your circle along the large circle.

Here are the bowls I used as a stencil.

Circles within circles. WREATHCEPTION.

2. So, now that you’ve done that, you’ll need to start destroying a book. Choose a book, any book. I went to Goodwill and bought three books because I wasn’t sure how many pages I would need. As it turns out, I used an old book of poetry, roughly 900 pages, and still have plenty of the book left. So, start with one book and go from there. If you need more pages, there will be more books. I liked using a slightly larger book, for the bigger pages, but you can also use a standard paperback. Check out the video below to see how you roll the two different types of pages we will need for the wreath.

3. Now that you’ve rolled all your tubes up, it’s time to play with the hot glue gun. First, take some string or nice ribbon and attach it to the back of your cardboard, so that your wreath will have something to hang with. I double up and staple ribbon to the back, then hot glue it down. I take no chances. Now, here is another video that shows you how to glue the tubes of rolled paper to the cardboard. You’ll have to do this all around the entire circle. WATCH AND LEARN.

When you’re done, it should look something like this:

This is how I did mine, but you can do whatever you want!

4. After your tubes are glued down, you’re free to add in Christmas decorations or whatever else you come up with. Hot glue holds down a lot of stuff, so go nuts. Here are some pictures below of the wreaths I’ve made. Good luck! Feel free to message me questions, just in case my directions aren’t very clear.

For HH's Mom

For My Aunt

For HH's Sister

For my Grandma

OK, there you have it! Book wreaths. Let me know if the directions are any good. With that, I leave you with this little nugget.

NSYNC Christmas Ornament. Epic.


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