The Big Apple

I’m in New York right now. What are you doing there, you may ask? An even better question could be, where is that update you promised me nearly two weeks ago, Strain?! Why do you continue to lie to me about your blogging? Why do you make statements that you then don’t fulfill?! Yes, yes, I know. Calm down, all two readers that follow me and care about my thoughts (I appreciate you). WHY?!

I got a job. I’m an analyst for a defense company, which is cool because I’ll be using information I learned in school. So exciting! I’ll be helping to develop exercises that deal with plans for CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive) issues. That’s a very pared down and simple explanation of something I’m not sure I know yet, so we’ll roll with it. I will be doing some traveling. Which is why I am in New York. It has been seven days since I started this job, but I’m traveling.

I have never been to New York, so this is several new experiences all rolled into one for me. So far I’ve seen a man with pens (like you write with) sticking out of his ears, a lady with a super beard, and attended a professional meeting. The last one was the weirdest for me. It’s so strange that I’m adult enough to be involved in a planning meeting and stuff. So strange. I realize that people younger than me have jobs and do important things, but I’ve taken a while to get here. And I’m fairly used to people to weird things on the street.

So, while I am here in the Big Apple, I hope to see the Central Park Zoo and I would like to visit the memorial for 9/11. I’m not sure of any other site-see-ey things I’ll be doing, but I do know I’ll be learning a lot about my job and the stuff I’m supposed to be doing while I’m here. Also, I’m hoping to do something with my thesis. So, onward, ever onward. I should have some recipes and pictures soon, but I’m going to hop off for now. Later!


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