Wow. The last time I was here to post was October. OCTOBER. What have I been doing? Now, I did log in on the 9th to start a blog post about Disney, which I may still do. My main problem, outside of LIFE HAPPENING TO ME, is that I keep being unsure where I want this blog to go. And then sticking to my plan. I suck at sticking to plans. Ask my thesis (which is done now, thank you very much).

What I have been doing:

Finishing a thesis (That sucked. A pox on the educational system and their student loans. And paper writing.)
Traveling for work. (Went to: Netherlands, Germany, Japan, etc. as well as some places in the United States.)
Trying to become a fitness instructor (Oh my gawd, what a lark. That will be a fun post.)
Getting a dog (I will have pictures.)
And that’s just a shortened list. I’m sure I’ve done other things. I’m not sure what it is right now, but I’ll get back to you on that.

I’ve had trouble finding a central theme for this blog. For a while, I thought I should be doing some sort of food blog. The thing is, I don’t take great pictures or make my food pretty like other food blogs out there. I get this weird idea in my head that I should be doing something just as well as other bloggers do it. Oh yeah, reproduce professional photos with your old digital camera that you got in ’06 for $80. That will pop out photos that look like Leonardo painted them himself. Of course. Fabulous.

Then, I thought I would try to do a photo blog, because I really like other people’s photo blogs. However, see the above. And I don’t really have that kind of artistic talent. So, that’s sort of a no-go. Right on the heels of that, I considered making the blog more of an internet diary. Many people do that and they have really interesting thoughts and ways to share. Can you imagine me with an internet diary? I can’t really. I don’t want to be all serious and dark, and I’m afraid that is where I would go, almost immediately. I mean, I’m all for sharing the feels, but I’m not for bringing everyone down into my crazy train thoughts with me. It’s a strange place and the ride back can take a while. Many curves. See, we’ve already started. Lord.

I ran through a few more ideas in my head, all as unlikely as the last. Crafts (if it involves crayons), rants (aren’t there enough angry white girls on the internet?), and exercise (exercise escapades, more likely). Therefore, I’m not sure what I’m doing with this blog. I do all sorts of things, none of them overwhelmingly well, and I’ve always felt pretty average about my talents. Which are currently unidentified. So, then I thought, HEY. I LIKE GIFS. AND TUMBLR. However, I’m unwilling to move my blog. Again. To places others can’t go. DARK RECESSES OF THE INTERNETS. And while I’m unsure of what I’m doing with this blog, I can tell myself one thing. People think I’m funny. I don’t know HOW funny or if I’m consistently funny, but I’m amusing, at least. So I think, I’m going to aim for that. Funny. Try to get a few giggles out there. Shouldn’t be too hard, everyone thinks poop jokes are funny, right? I mean, I do. It’s my duty. (Haha, dooooody.)

To sum everything up, please see the below animated picture. Says everything, really. I should be back much sooner than the last time I said that. I hope.



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