Georgia On My Mind

​Last time you were here, I wrote about my grandparents – in fact, I waxed eloquent about the probability of my grandfather passing away suddenly. But friends, the unexpected happened. My Grandma Georgia left us instead. It started with pneumonia; she expressed pain in her chest. Turns out her lung was actually rubbing against the inside of her chest cavity. This led to a stay at the hospital. During this time, my mother and her brothers decided to 1. get in-home health care (because really, Grandpa probably shouldn’t operate a microwave) and 2. my mom would go out to help care for them. Mom spent about two weeks out with her parents and the new healthcare person. She was about two days from coming home; Grandma was improving at home and the healthcare worker was fantastic, when Grandma had a massive stroke. She was unconscious for about two days and we weren’t sure she would wake up. Then she did wake up, but the stroke had destroyed the parts of her brain that allowed her to speak and move. Additionally, she couldn’t swallow properly and was running the risk of choking on anything and everything. In order to survive, she would have had to had a permanent feeding tube. She was already on a temporary tube to see if she, by some miracle, would start to recover. She did not and the family knew that she did not wish to be sustained in such a fashion. So, my family brought her home where she was kept comfortable until she passed away peacefully on September 16.

I was able to go to her funeral services and celebration of life with my husband, mother, and brother. It was good to see everyone and to have the time to remember her and be sad that she is gone. I still look at pictures and find myself saying, how can she be gone? How is possible that someone that was so important to all of us left before we were ready? But, when would anyone ever be ready to have to say goodbye to someone they love? What I can say about my Grandma is that she passed at home surrounded by people she loved and that she appeared to be ready to go. Georgia was a great grandmother and I will love and miss her always. She will go with me wherever I go and I will not forget her. I will carry her in my heart with my Grandpa Bob and someday I’ll see her again.

Thank you for reading this and remembering her with me. I am finding that words fail me when I think about an important person passing. So, raise a glass for my Georgia when you get the chance and remember that you’re loved. ‘Cause if words won’t work, I can tell you my feelings, and Grandma always made me feel loved.



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