Stand Resolute or Something

I like the idea of resolutions. I’m not super great at keeping them. Last year I did pretty good until about March, then I sort of lost steam. I have no idea how you fix that. But yeah, I like the idea. I think that the first of the year is a good time to restart a goal or make a new one. It’s symbolic. I think you should also remember that you can decide to make a change any time you want. Basically, you too, can do what you want.

This never gets old to me.

I don’t like resolution haters. I get it. You think everyone else is dumb. Resolutions are stupid, you never keep them, blah blah blah. It must be very rewarding for you to poop on everyone else’s intentions and sincere wishes to follow through with a new idea. I hope you one day have someone make a snide comment about a thought you’re having and masticate on that feeling for a while. People who are making resolutions aren’t hurting anyone. It’s like Thumper’s mom said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Obviously, I will punch you in the face over this.


So, back to resolutions. I could tell you that one of mine would be to work on my rage, but as you can see from the above paragraph, that’s probably not going to happen. I briefly tangoed with the idea of trying to tamp down on my road rage in particular. I spend a lot of time talking to the other cars on the road and I thought, hey, you look like a crazy person and if you ever have kids, is THIS how you want them to learn all their curse words? I feel really bad for my best friend; mostly because I always call her when I’m driving. I USE THE HANDS-FREE. But her conversations with me are nearly always interrupted. Let me give you an example.

“Yeah, so I’m working all these hours at the tattoo parlor and I’m really only going home to sleep for a little bit, so I said to her – ”
“SON OF A BITCH GET OFF THE ROAD, sorry, go ahead.”
“I said to her, you’ll have to call me at another time – ”
“Look at this shit…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
“And we’ll talk then.”
“I agree, you were totally right there – USE YOUR BLINKER!”

And so on and so forth. I did really well with this for about an hour. If you have ever driven in the DC/Northern VA area, you know why this is almost impossible to do. I find it impossible. The rage will continue. I like to think it’s endearing to my passengers to see that I am a complete lunatic. So, that is not on my resolution list.

As I am constantly telling myself that I need to eat better and lose weight, I don’t think that will make the list either. I started the 21 Day Fix on the 4th, but that’s not really a resolution either. That’s a month long commitment that will hopefully remind me to do better. Weird thing about the Fix: I know it’s considered a diet, but I am NEVER hungry. There is always plenty of food. And yet, I lose weight. SORCERY. (Yes, I am aware that eating the right things aids in weight loss…SORCERY.) What_e68efc_2292486

So…what are my resolutions? Well, they shouldn’t be that hard to keep.
1. Keep in better touch with my family. I have a whole bunch of those dudes living out on the West Coast and I have not done well at texting them or calling them. So, I’m hoping to send them more random texts from time to time.
2. Read more intellectual books. Or, as I like to refer to them, “Learning Books”. I read a lot of stories from all sorts of genres, but I’m not great at picking up a book purely for knowledge’s sake. Buying them is another matter…

3. Live with intention. Vague on purpose and more a general kind of kick in the pants for me to put a little more effort in to what I’m doing. Been feeling a little lazy these days, so this is just a little push to try a bit harder.

That’s it so far! Maybe I will come up with more, but who knows. What about you? Any great resolutions? Go forth, dear friends, and do what you want.



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